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How I work

My process is no secret, so during our cooperation you always know what is going on and why it is necessary.

1. Recognition

The very first thing we will do together is an initial consultation. During this, we will discuss everything that touches your business, customers or users.

2. Research

As I have an idea of how your business / product works, I'll go into the analyzes. I'm examining your competitors, customers, market developments, specifics, and more.

3. Content

Design is a queen, but the content is a king. So it is necessary for your product to create content that will be interesting for users / customers.

4. Design

Whether it's a design of a new product environment or a modification of an existing one, you need to conceptually design and test everything directly with users first.

5. Implementation

When the design is tested, it is time to start developing. I can help with template coding, but for programming I collaborate with experts.

6. Optimization

After running the project I will take care of product testing and its subsequent analysis. As a result, the product will continue to grow.

I'll also help with partial tasks

I will become your partner in developing a new digital product. Or, I can help you improve the performance of your existing one.


years I have been collecting experience with creating of digital products.


projects I have done since the beginning of this year.


hours I educate myself every month of year in average.


grams of quality coffee per month supply me with energy.


I am member of...

ID foundation
Asociace UX


I have participated in dozens of different projects, from micro-sites through web applications to designing a corporate information system.

CK Janeta

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