Thanks to your own brand, you will be totally distinct from your competition. I'll create you such a brand that will characterize you and bring you customers.


I will help you set up your online strategy to make sense and to be in harmony with the vision of the business goals of company and your brand.

Creating an assignment

I will take care of processing quality and detailed assignment. This is very important for the correct design of product and for its development.

Project management

Don't worry and enjoy the results. I will manage the whole process of making the product from the initial idea to its launch.

UX & UI design

Attention devoted to the way of which your product is used by users can mean the difference between the success and failure.

Front-end coding

The inexperienced front-end developer can spoil even an excellent design. Don't risk and let your design code by professional.

You need something else?

I'm not afraid to admit that in some areas I do not feel like a fish in the water, so I leave such work to my more competent colleagues.


Texts that speak the language of the customer will bring you much more than the texts that completely pass your target group.

Social Network Management

Show that you are alive! Who is not on social networks as if he did not exist. And for companies this is far more important.

Online marketing

Let the world know that you exist and make from the visitors your customers! Buying a good website or eshop is just the beginning.


years I have been collecting experience with creating of digital products.


projects I have done since the beginning of this year.


hours I educate myself every month of year in average.


grams of quality coffee per month supply me with energy.


I am member of...

ID foundation
Asociace UX


I have participated in dozens of different projects, from micro-sites through web applications to designing a corporate information system.

CK Janeta

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